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About Cohesion


The Sayed Consultancy proudly introduces the Cohesion program that allows the asylum status holders to receive demand-based entrepreneurship and job related assistance in developing a better future in the Netherlands.

Cohesion’s main purpose is to examine the background analysis of the status holders which will provide essential information about their background, knowledge level, skills, interests etc. The program will also focus on their future perspective and will trigger the beneficiaries in finding their purpose and how to achieve this in the Netherlands.

This program will link the status holders to potential employers and residents to experience the Dutch working and culture environment. The strengths of the Cohesion program lies in the related online applications and the connectivity between all parties through social media which will speed up the integration and participation process of the target groups.

The Cohesion program assistance will be offered by our professionals with similar migration background to better understand each other and if required they will be able to communicate in their own language.



Online CV Creation

An easy and demand based online tool for professional CV creation for job seekers

  • Create, maintain and share CV with a few clicks
  • A one-click design for a professional look
  • Developed based on questions and answers

Employers Interested to offer status holders the required

  • Internships
  • Job experiences
  • Voluntary jobs
My Company Catalog

To provide an online platform for SMEs, established by status holders

  • Provide visibility opportunities
  • Suppliers will find your company easily
  • Will link related business parties
Municipalities online Database

This program will speed up the integration and participation process by knowing the

  • Background analysis and future perspective
  • Education and knowledge level
  • Main purpose in the Netherlands
Projects for status holders

A summary of projects focusing on status holders and to introduce them to

Job assistance related projects
Entrepreneurship related projects
Integration and education related projects



For more information, please contact us using the information below.

T: +31 (0)6 45 99 43 33

E: info@sayedconsultancy.com

W: www.sayedconsultancy.com